Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How do I apply?
A: i) Application forms are available on-line
ii) You can also apply in person

2. Q: How do I pay?
A: All payments are made through the bank (Bank details provided on the Application Form)

3. Q: Do I have to sign Housing Agreement?
A: Yes. Housing Agreement will be signed by both student (undergraduate and parent/guardian)

4. Q: What are the rates/fees?
A: Check the Housing rate sheets.

5. Q: Is there Meal Plan?
A: Yes there is meal plan but it’s optional (check the meal plan rate)

6. Q: Are the beds bunked?
A: No – All the beds are single beds

7. Q: Who can live in the hostel?
A: Full-time students who are enrolled in Pan Atlantic University for academic year
- Part time “Graduate” students DURING VACATION
- Pan Atlantic University Training Course Participants

8. Q: What should I bring?
A: Bring only your books and clothings
- Rooms are furnished
- Beddings are provided

9. Q: When does the hostel open and close for the year?
A: The move-in/check-in and move-out/check-out dates are in accordance with Pan Atlantic University’s academic calendar.

10. Q: Are guests allowed in my room?
A: No – Guests/visitors are only Allowed in the visitors’ room

11. Q: What are the guests’ hours?
A: 4pm – 6pm Mon – Fri
2pm – 6pm Sat – Sun

12. Q: Is there a STUDY ROOM where I can study?
A: Yes – There is a State-of-the-art Study Room

13. Q: Can I bring guests to the Study Room?
A: No – the Study Room is Exclusively for Residents

14. Q: Do I have to wear my I.D card always?
A: Yes – This is to ensure that only residents are in the hostel/rooms
- Visitors are allowed in the ground-floor and they must wear visitor’s I.D card.

15. Q: How do I pay for meals?
A: Meals are:
(i) Pre-paid (for meal plan option) and
(ii) Pay-As-You-Go or Pay-As-You-Eat

16. Q: Does the MENU have variety?
A: Yes, we try to provide what we know students like. We provide healthy foods, Snacks and fast-food (Burger, Sandwich, Pizza etc)

17. Q: Is food allowed in the room?
A: Food is not allowed in the room.
- Students can eat in the canteen anytime
- The courtyard has seat-out area for snacks

18. Q: Can other people – student who are not living in the hostel purchase meal plan and eat in the canteen?
A: Yes – All students and staff of the university are free to purchase meal or pay for one meal at the prevailing rate.

19. Q: How safe are my personal belongings?
A: It is your responsibility to take care of your personal belongings
*A personal SAFE is provided for you in your personal Wardrobe to help you safeguard your VALUABLES. (You select and change the code).

20. Q: How is my room cleaned?
A: The room is cleaned weekly by the hostel

21. Q: Who picks up the trash?
A: The hostel staff/cleaner picks up the trash and provides new trash liner/bag weekly.

22. Q: Are beddings provided?
A: Yes – The hostel provides – bedsheets sets, blanket, and mattress cover

23. Q: Who does the washing of the bedsheets?
A: (a) The hostel washes the bedsheets and provides new sheets Bi-weekly
(b) Toilet roll is provided Bi-weekly also

24. Q: Is there service charge for all these services?
A: Yes, there is service charge (15% of Room Fee)

25. Q: Is there laundry service?
A: There are Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services (Commercial)
- There is Hand Washing Service (Commercial)
- Wash and fold (film wrapped)
- Wash, Iron and fold (film wrapped)

26. Q: How is the laundry charged?
A: Laundry is charged by-load NOT PIECES - 8kg, 10kg loads (Check the Laundry for what makes up a load – i.e the no of items and PRICE).

27. Q: Can I wash my own cloths?
A: Yes – There is Hand-Washing Laundry-room. You can dry your clothes outside on the Cloths Drying Line

28. Q: Can I stay in the hostel during the official Pan Atlantic University vacation / holiday?
A: No – The hostel strictly follows the Pan Atlantic University Academic Calendar.

29. Q: Is parking available?
A: The parking is very limited inside the hostel compound.

30. Q: Is there security?
A: There is 24-hour security - There is 24-hour CCTV - Pan Atlantic University has Police Post on campus

31. Q: Can I smoke in the hostel / room?
A: No – Prohibited (See Tobacco and Drug Policy)

32. Q: Is there curfew for the hostel?
A: Yes – There is curfew between 10pm – 6am

33. Q: Is there a room for the Disabled?
A: Yes – there is a room for the disabled - The hostel is Wheel-Chair Accessible

34. Q: Are there damage charges?
A: Yes there are damage charges (check the damage policy and list of items with prices)

35. Q: Is there shared damage charges for damages to items shared by roommates in a room?
A: Yes – unless the person that caused the damage was seen.

36. Q: Is there CAUTION DEPOSIT against damages?
A: Yes - There is Caution Deposit (to be determined).

37. Q: Is there Quiet Time?
A: The hostel does not necessarily enforce quiet time. However since the purpose of being in the university is to study, it is expected that the NOISE LEVEL be low.
Students are supposed to be considerate to others.

38. Q: Are LOUD Music allowed in the hostel?

39. Q: Can I post/paste things on the wall?
A: No – damages to the wall will be charged

40. Q: Is there a community event?
A: Yes – The hostel celebrates Monthly Birthdays each month, for students who were born in each month. The birthday celebration party is last Saturday of the month.